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Henan TX Crane Co., Ltd. located in Chinese biggest Crane Park. We are a professional manufacturer on Crane and Parts. Sophisticated equipment, Skill workers, Impeccable management and strictly quality control system make sure the high quality of our products.

Further more, we offer professional service from our engineers team to sales team. That’s why our products are hottest in the domestic and aboard market. Our products including Overhead Crane, Gantry Crane, Jib Crane, Portal Crane, European standard Crane, Hoist and Crane accessory.

Our engineers department have many experienced engineers which could offer best design according to your environment and usage. So, TX CRANE offer all kinds products and service to meet all kinds demands.



  • 1. 30 million square meters Workshop and Yard
  • 2. 1200 skilled worker
  • 3. 80 Professional engineers
  • 4. 500 sets Sophisticated equipment
  • 1. Good Packing and Shipment
  • 2. Free Spare Parts
  • 3. Free installation guidance
  • 4. Better after-sales service

Company 全民直播 环球娱乐网全民超神娱乐网

Quality First: Top brand parts and material, Zero tolerance for defective products and strict quality control;
Customer First: Meet your demands, Eliminate worries and offer better service. Cost reducer for customer, efficiency improving and supply the high cost-effective products.

Quality 娱乐网全民k歌辅助全民娱乐网火车

Strict selection of suppliers, mainly are top brand parts;
All the parts, material and finished products have full and strict quality check.

Design 全民超神娱乐网全民娱乐网

Powerful and professional Design department with 80 engineers;
Over 300 Patents for Invention and utility models.

After-sales 全民k歌分数修改器娱乐网全民k歌雷州娱乐网伴奏

Free installation guidance and training;
Free Spare Parts for quick wear parts;
Co-factory at main market

Packing and 娱乐网全民k歌辅助全民直播 环球娱乐网

All goods are packed by high quality wooden case and foam cloth for long-distance transport;
Every package will marked the specification for easy handle and installation at site;
All Trolley, main girder and end carriage are deigned to suitable for shipment.











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